New to using room reservation tool

Hi all, I am new to using the room reservation tool offered by TP and am excited to give it a try. After you put it in, do you then skip using the check-in feature offered in the My Disney Experience app?

Thanks for any help!

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Welcome to the forums!

You don’t have to skip on-line check-in but leave the room options part blank.

You can also use the TP request to explain your choices or prioritise them.

For example having chosen your room you might add something like

“My main priority is for building # 30 or above. A view of some water would be a wonderful. Thanks!”

That was mine for OKW.

When are you going and what resort?

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Thanks, Nick!

It’s for Nov 3 arrival at Kidani Village. We are new to DVC (own at the Poly) and this is our first time staying at Kidani. We have a savanna view which I think all of us, but especially my 4 year old, will love.


Is there a reason for this? My last trip (Pop prefered) the only part of my request that was met was ground floor. The location was completely opposite of what I put was important in my TP request. At online check in all I could put was ground floor on room request.

So exciting! Welcome to the forum.

I believe there is only one data field in the database for a room request. Which means whatever gets added last over-writes what was there before.

So you have:

  • the on-line check-in generic options
  • anything requested directly by phone or chat
  • the TP request

Rather than try and second guess which will be the last one to be entered, it’s best to only use one method.

It’s also possible that once you have one request in that a CM might decide not to bother updating it.

In your case it sounds like you chose ground floor at on-line check-in, which over-wrote your TP request. Which is why it’s always been advised to skip over that part of on-line check-in.

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OH! This is good intel. I never knew this. I’ll only use TP room request field then. The Disney one is lame.