New To TP- would love some insight & advi

I am new to touring plans (one month ago). This will be my 5th trip to disney world (third trip as a parent) & before I’ve always went to Disney without much of a plan other than where we are staying & which parks we will visit. We’ve never rope dropped before. Anyway, my husband and I are both 36 & taking our kids Kyndra 7 and Nate 6 for a Tues-Tues trip Feb 26-March 5. We have a 5 day park hopper with some down time scheduled in. We are staying at Fort Wilderness cabins & have a golf cart. The reason I decided to join is my husband had a very unlucky accident in Nov & had to have back surgery. He’s very fit and has bounced back good, however we all know disney parks with kids are long days & a new level of exhaustion. So, that being said I thought joining an having a TP would make more sense for us. We plan to RD most days an rest 1-4 most days (somewhat of a time frame)

I have to say when I first joined I was super super excited that our CL were do-able & was mostly 3,4,5 levels. However, now they’ve changed to 8, 9, and 10 levels. I have read some posts on here about people being upset & Others trying to explain it. I really dont know what to think now… lol. Being new… what does this mean for our trip? Such a huge increase! Have the owners of this site done a blog to explain? I dont know what to look for or where to find that.

Here is our plan & if anyone has any insight or input let me know

Tuesday- we check in by 1 and relax at pool all day - that night roast marshmallows with Chip & Dale , then snow white dinner at WL at 830 pm

Wed- RD magic kingdom. We have good fast passes too . We will go back to the room then return for more rides and a BOG dinner at 530 & fireworks. Husband really into craft beer, so even though BOG hasnt had such good reviews its a must for us. KIds love seeing the beast too.

Thu- Epcot all day Rd, rest, come back for world showcase , kidcot stations, dinner, and Illumincations

Fri- Animal kindgom- Dont plan to rope drop. Just gonna get there when we get there or in time for our FP that start at 10. I’m thinking we will need to rest by this day lol. We have Everest, safari, and FOP. Lunch at Satuli canteen. Then back to resort for a pool day. I know theres more to see here, but again… rest/down time is needed.

Saturday- Completely off. Disney springs at night for a morromoto Asia dinner.

Sunday- RD HS

Monday- Magic kingdom day and epcot at night for a date night. Kids are going to pixar place kids zone at the contemporary.

** I should also add that since we wanted to do EPCOT for dinner it was cheaper in our package to do a hopper even though we aren’t using it everyday. Although, who knows, plans change and we might!!

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Have you reevaluated your touring plans to see how much the wait times have changed since the update? I didn’t notice much of a change at all. Since you’re doing a mid day break like we are, I bet yours would be similar.
Your plans sound fun. I love the wilderness lodge stuff you have planned for the first day!
I haven’t seen any bad reviews for bog dinner. It’s still fairly new and unless it’s going downhill already I think you’ll enjoy it!

Are your kids usually fine with going to bed late? The 3 late nights in a row (with 2 early days in there too) would be a big challenge for mine at that age.

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I’m planning to just mark something off the list if we are too exhausted! Besides the fireworks at mk!!

Your plans do sound really fun! I would love to hear about how you like the cabins! Are you planning to rent a golf cart?
I also wonder if the three late nights right at the beginning of the trip are going to wear the kids down. How early does your travel day start? That day could be especially long. Any chance of having your dinner earlier? If your kids do fine staying up late though and since you are planning mid day breaks everyone might be good.

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Hey there! Thanks for your reply. We fly out at 730. We plan to stay the night next to th air port to get the kids an extra 45 min -hour of sleep. Crazy, but sleep is worth it! Lol. Plus, it’s cheaper to park our car at the hotel than it is to pay for a week of parking!

Anyway, I am totally prepared to ditch a night show. Besides that first night at MK fireworks! We will definitely go back for that.

What are your thoughts on fantasmic/Star Wars show at HS for a 6&7 year old?

I like your plan. I wouldn’t skip Illuminations since it will be discontinued after the Summer. Have you been on Touring plan App where they have premade plans or devise your own plan where it can be evaluated or optimized. Also on the app is a chat section where you can ask questions and get advice. Welcome and good luck.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either. We are big Star Wars fans so I think would choose those. We also did the dessert party which was so cool. But we noticed that we would have been fine to get a spot for the fireworks without the dessert party. If your crew is not into SW then go with F!