New to this - need help

I’m trying to create a 1 day plan for Animal Kingdom. Have reserved breakfast at Boma’s and lunch at Sanaa. But these restaurants don’t show up in the drop-down list of AK restaurants. Why and is there a workaround.


They don’t show up in the list because they are not in AK park - they are at AK Lodge. You can add a break for the amount of time needed for travel to & from AKL as well as the meal

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Those restaurants aren’t at Animal Kingdom, they are at the Animal Kingdom Lodge hotel. In the plan you can only include in-park restaurants. You will have to put your meals in as a break and note what it’s for. Make sure you include transportation time. The hotel is probably 10 minutes away by bus, but you will want to add time waiting for the bus to arrive, going back through security etc.

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Thanks so much. Appreciate it

No problem. Are these both for the same day? They will wipe out your morning. You’d be better doing them on separate days, or dropping one of the meals.

Ouch. Yes for the same day. This is our first visit, so guess I got over excited :stuck_out_tongue: On google maps, it shows Boma is very close to FOP and walkable. Not sure if that’s correct. So maybe move Sanaa to dinner and pick some other restaurant/quick service within the park for lunch?

No definitely not walkable. Yes I’d just do a park meal for lunch - you will be pretty full after Boma breakfast so I’d suggest QS, then you’re not tied to a specific time when you might not be hungry enough yet.

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As mentioned those restaurants are in the lodge and you will waste time getting there. Try satuli (?spellling) for lunch and do mobile ordering, which saves a big hassle.

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