New Thread Notifications

Is anyone else having issues with “new” thread notifications?

Every morning I check my “unread” and “new” threads. I noticed yesterday It was not notifying me of the daily thread, but that has been an issue in the past. This morning I had a notification of one new thread, and there were three. When I opened one thread, it cleared the notification but if I clicked on “new” the other threads were listed.

This just happened again.

Is it just my issue?

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Not seeing an issue here, but then my profile was a late adopter of the skipped/missing posts feature that folks have been reporting for a while.

I can’t report particular details tho I have noticed oddities. Some come and go. Such as some threads/responses have a different font. Occasionally.
All my notifications have decreased.
The settings window doesn’t operate the same (same device here)
A month or so ago there were was some change in the listing of all the threads. Rather like ones with little activity were dispersed among ones with plenty of activity. Although that may not be specifically what was going on. It’s like everything was in one big list.
It’s been weird.

I haven’t said anything. The slow speed of our internet often provides a different software experience.

This is in addition to the jump to the bottom on really active threads with lots of posts. Which sometimes seems to result in lost responses. Tho I think they zoomed by on the express train. Sometimes the marker for your last place hasn’t a chance.

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YES!!! It disappears and reappears. I have to go looking for the little tiny blue dot. Last night no NEW, this morning it’s there.

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