New Star Wars fireworks and Fantasmic timing

Has anyone seen both Fantasmic and the new Star Wars fireworks in the same night at HS? On nights when Fantasmic Starts at 9:00 and the Star Wars fireworks start at 9:30, is it possible to see both? Fantasmic is about a half hour long and by the time it let’s out is there time to get a decent enough spot for the Star Wars fireworks at 9:30? We are there long enough on our upcoming trip to go back multiple nights, but just wondering if it’s possible to get both done? I figured Disney would stall the Star Wars fireworks until 9:45 so that it doesn’t interfere with Fantasmic. However, the schedule is not showing that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Its possible
I did it Sunday night. I didn’t want to waste another night at Hollywood to see the Star Wars fireworks if it was going to take away from my only chance to see the Magic Kingdoms fireworks another day

I saw Fantasmic and as soon as it ended I left and most of the people were behind me
I have never been to Hollywood Studios before
The exit I ended up taking brought me out right be the entrance to the park
Turn right and the Movie THeather is in from of you off in the distance, now move as much forward as you can

Appreciate the feedback! Taking the exit that puts you right on Hollywood Blvd is exactly what I was thinking. Did the fireworks start right at 9:30 and did you cut it close or was there a little bit of time?

Hi there. We just came back from Disney World and we saw both Star Wars and Fantasmic the same night. I would recommend either a dinner package for Fantasmic or FP so you can have good seats. It might also help to see if you can stay towards the top so you can get out of there in good timing. I will say that by the time you get up to the Great Movie Ride where the fireworks are it will be crowded so do your best to get as best of views as you can. If you are at Disney World longer you might consider splitting this up and possibly doing a dessert party for the Star Wars fireworks which you have to be there prior to a Fantasmic show so you couldn’t do both at the same time. The view from that location is fantastic. They just made changes to it but having a designated seating area would be nice to have instead of hustling to get a location. The Star Wars fireworks are fantastic.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to look into the dessert party as well because I’ve heard good things about it.

Where is the exit that drops you back on to Hollywood Blvd? We are trying to see both in one night as well.

If you’re facing the mountain in the Fantasmic theater it is all the way to the right. It goes back behind the beauty and the beast theater and comes out right by crossroads. If you google map it it’s called perimeter road. They may not have it open because I’m pretty sure it has to be a pretty full show for them to use it, but it’s bee open almost every time I’m there. It’s a back of house path so if they don’t have to use it they may not.