NEW Spreadsheet for Kermit! 2017 - 2018

I have created the above spreadsheet- we are looking for some more Kermit Keepers!!

Please make sure to add your info in the “Comment” section of the month of your stay - for ease of transfer of Kermit, I’m guessing that it would be a good idea to include HOW you want the other person(s) to contact you for the hand-off - Facebook message vs Forum private message. This document is posted here in the forum AND I have posted on the Facebook Group as well - so not everyone will be here reviewing comments on our Thread.

PLEASE let me know if you have any additional suggestions - I have been a liner for about 4 years - 3 trips under my belt as a liner, new to APs this year. Looking forward to keeping the Kermit tradition alive. I was quite sad when he recently went missing, and I’m so glad that he has been found, and is back in the world!


I can look at it but I cannot seem to add anything to it. How should I be doing this?? I was able to edit in the link in a different post.

As far as how to handle the personal information maybe @Sorcerers_Apprentice might be able to help as she has helped with Kermit in the past.

Jedi, I was able to get the correct link in this post as well - THANK YOU!

Oh I have missed something! Can someone explain kermit to me??

Kermit is a little plush toy who comes with his own bag of goodies. He tries to reside in wdw and share in as many liner vacations as possibe.

He line to pose for pictures all over the parks with liner families.

I had him in 2014…

Ohh I see… and we just drop him off with the next family?

Yes. It is best if he can be passes from liner to liner directly. But he can be left with bell services to get picked up there.

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