New Spider-Man Ride Previewed by Select CMs!

This took me by surprise - some Cast Members have been able to ride the new Spider-Man ride at Avengers Campus at California Adventure!

The folks we heard from absolutely loved the upcoming Spider-Man ride, which is called: WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure.

The queue and pre-show area have detailed set-pieces, and utilize Tom Holland in the preshow. His image is used in a sort of 3D projection effect similar to Rey in the preshow queue for Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge. The ride itself is a mostly screen-based shooter attraction (not-unlike Midway Mania). All said that the ride is better than Midway Mania, but felt shorter.

The ride vehicles were described as being similar to Universal’s Transformers attraction. But, instead of using blasters to sling webs at the targets (Spider-bots), riders will use their own hands. The vehicles sense your arm and you are able to shoot virtual webs from your wrists. It’s an exciting technology that doesn’t require you to touch grimy blasters that thousands of other riders touch each day. It also makes you feel a bit like a real superhero.

All good rides have a shop, and WEBSLINGERS has one too. The WEB Supply Shop will sell Spider-Bots that look just like the ones featured in the ride (catch as many as you can). These are the same bots that were sold in a merchandise event last week and then made their way to Stage 17 and World of Disney.

And, like the lightsabers sold in Galaxy’s Edge, you can “upgrade” your Spider-bot with new skills, sounds and personality . . . for an extra fee of course. Special backpacks and many other items are also available.


Interesting choice with which to compare the ride vehicles.
Considering the ride vehicles for Universal’s Transformers is similar to the ride vehicles for Universal’s Spiderman, were they trying to avoid saying that the new Spiderman ride is just like the Universal Spiderman ride?? :rofl::rofl:


Always a bit gross, but more important for safety these days.


I thought the exact same thing! :rofl: