New Shows at Epcot

Thought the Lumberjacks in Canada were fun (they change up the show: not always the same) and the flag thing in Italy was very, very moderately entertaining. Think I’d see the Lumberjacks again and am done with the flags. IMHO


That seems to be the consensus about the flag show. I’m not yet sold on the lumberjacks.

You happen to see the band at Morocco?

Saw that too. One off. Get what you’re saying about the Lumberjacks. The only live music at EP that I repeated was Off Kilter and Mariache Cobre and that is only combined with a meal/snack/drink/break.

I’m the opposite. Did not like the Lumberjacks. If I don’t see another little lumber chair, I won’t be disappointed. I enjoyed the flag show. I also caught the band in morocco. I LOVED it. So much fun!!

What do they do with those chairs?? Figured a couple kids would get them but didn’t notice that…maybe missed it. Picturing some poor parent having to carry around a chair for a few hours. :slight_smile:

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Lol. Resort shipping would solve that. Lol.

Perhaps @Lentesta can use them to decorate a new Canadian themed room in the house…

Haha!! Prepare meals in Space, back down to the Earth for meals on tiny little chairs.

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