New Security @TTC, Walking to Poly

Hello All,

I have seen the masses waiting to board the ferry at the TTC, especially if the monorail is not running. I’m not trying to avoid security, but the claustrophobic hoards on the boats. I know you can walk to the Poly from the TTC (I did it probably 10 years ago and my recollection is a bit fuzzy) to pick up a boat or resort monorail. My questions are:

  1. Based on how security is now set up at the TTC, do I go through bag check first or can I reach the path to the Poly without doing that?

  2. If the MK monorail at the TTC is not running, will the resort monorail be off line also?

  3. Based on the kind of day I’m having, I may be using my personal electric scooter (back surgery/nerve damage). Can that go on the smaller boats from the Poly to MK? How about MK to Ft. Wilderness? This is a big factor if I am trying to avoid the crowds on the ferry and no monorails are running.