New Security- entering the parks

We are staying at the Paradise Pier Hotel. We had planned on cutting through GC to shorten our walk with a 7 and 4 year old. Now with the new security lines we can only enter at the ESPN Zone/ Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney. Is our only option hoofing it the whole way. Would riding the monorail from the DL Hotel save little feet. We’re also concerned about it taking ages to get back for a midday break/ nap. We’re newbies to DL. Thanks!

I would definitely ask at the hotel and see what they recommend for guests. I have heard that only Grand Californian guests are being allowed access to CA thru their entrance. Riding the monorail will save walking but only if you want to be in that corner if the park , also the amount of people that can handle at opening would be a factor.

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The monorail is actually within the new security station at ESPN zone/ Earl of Sandwich so you definitely have that option but as pointed out above unless your end destination is somewhere on the east side of Disneyland you won’t be any better off. The walk through Downyown Disney is a little longer but not more than 5-7 min.