New security and EPCOT monorail

Does anyone have experience with using the epcot monorail with the new security proceedures at TTC? Do you go through security before boarding the epcot monorail and then again at the epcot entrance? How about from EPCOT and then transfering to the MK line at the TTC? It looks like the exit from the epcot line may be in the secured area at TTC.

You go through security at TTC or at monorail resorts.

Transfer at TTC is within the secure zone, so no need for further security there.

Arriving at Epcot you do have to go through again, although insiders say there are plans to move secure zone to include the monorail exit.

Leaving Epcot is within the park so no need for security.


So if I’m clear, if I’m at Epcot already and I want to ride the monorail for a loop, I can just leave ouy the front gate, go to the stop, get on, ride the circuit, get off and walk back in without having to go back through security?

The monorail ramp is inside Epcot, you don’t leave the park to get to the monorail FROM Epcot.

And yes, once on the monorail you can ride both loops without going through security.

But when you return TO Epcot you will have to go through security again.


That makes sense. Thanks!

The monorail ramp is outside of security at Epcot, not inside.

Coming out of Epcot onto the monorail you go up the ramp before the exit from the park to the parking lot. You go through or past the ticketturnstiles but not outside of the security checks.

Arriving to Epcot on the monorail, the ramp comes down outside security, essentially joining up with everyone coming from the parking lot.


The arriving ramp is outside the gates - you need to clear security and tapstiles.

The departing ramp is inside the gates.

You’re both right :wink:

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right. I was speaking to the entering Epcot point of view…
But, will people need to go through another security point when they leave the Epcot loop at TTC and have to go up the other ramp to the MK loop? I mean, you could just park at Epcot and go right to the monorail without ever going through Epcot security. So, to vet those guests, there must be another point of security at the TTC exchange.

Departing gate from Epcot is inside the security area? You don’t go past the bag check/security to access it?

Yes, your last statement is correct.

So if parking at Epcot you then have to go through security first to get to the monorail. So having boarded the monorail, you are now inside the security zone, so no extra check transferring at the TTC.

Departing from Epcot to other areas, yes. You don’t go out the gates to board. At least that is my recollection

Most interesting. I guess we never leave Epcot to go to MK…just the reverse. We’ve stayed at BW/BC the last couple of trips and after leaving MK, we sometimes would take the monorail to “go home”.

So, that’s cool. Now, at the TTC, you don’t have to go through security to go back up the MK ramp?


This conversation is funny, because just like you I had forgotten that you never leave Epcot to go back to the TTC. On another forum, someone ended up posting a map showing everyone where the ramp from Epcot to the monorail was. Because you go past the turnstiles, you assume you’re out of the park…

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We just did this on April 6. We always park at Epcot (just our preference and we’re local) but sometimes go directly to MK from EPCOT, and this was the first time we experienced the new security–in other words, security at Epcot but NO security at MK (or TTC, either, for us). All I can say is GREAT!!!

I feel like I’ve lost my brains.

No, I think it just shows that you do things almost on auto pilot.

I did this after Illuminations at Christmas. Past the turnstiles, up the ramp, everyone else streaming past either side, and never realised we hadn’t actually gone out of the park at that point!

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