New rumor (part 2) from this week's Disney Dish podcast, Len reports Ratatouille ride is finished, WDW is waiting

Okay, after this I’m done.

@len also reports on this week’s show that he spoke with a CM who was inside the attraction and that it is finished and almost ready to go, WDW is waiting to open it, holding it in reserve if they need it to increase park attendance.


I wish I could figure out how to access the podcast to listen to it :frowning: I appreciate your summaries since I am podcast impaired ;(

Me, too. Well, not impaired…but I don’t like having to listen to something. I’d rather read a transcript. @cherokee_jacket is providing, essentially, that transcript (in summary form).


lol… yes @cherokee_jacket is, and I thank them. I don’t mind listening but I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get the podcast set up and too many fails means I stop trying; it’s a sign :rofl:

FWIW, @len also said on the podcast that WDW was running at 25% capacity and that he did not see signs of an increase. They also usually record this podcast on Wednesday likely before the year end reporting on Thursday the 12th where Disney announced they were at 35%.

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From what I understand, the decision to go to 35% was made the day of Chapek’s announcement.


Thanks Len. Just want to personally thank you and Jim for the podcast.

Getting to listen to it on my commute makes me want to get up and get out of bed on Monday morning.


damn it, I want to listen too!

but thank you for highlights

I second that - it’s my Monday Morning Bright Spot.


What type of cell phone do you have?

Maybe we can try to help?


eeeeeee help :heart_eyes: thank you

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Sweet… a few clicks and I could hear Len’s voice :wink: Thank you!!!

ok I didn’t mean for that to sound weird :grimacing:


Thank you @darkmite2


Josh D’Amaro said today it will open in 2021.

I’ve heard between March and June, so Spring.