New Rivers of Light show

A new version of the show is opening on Memorial Weekend (not sure when that is, exactly though :thinking:).

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Interesting- I don’t know if I will see it or not…

I haven’t even seen it in it’s current version. Been 3 years since last trip…and DH says “we just went” smh


No I haven’t either. My parents saw it and it bored them silly so we planned to skip it this year. Now I’m wondering if we should watch it.

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Well I had planned on it anyway…even though I knew it was not hugely popular

My parents didn’t want to go again and I’d seen enough on YouTube to know that DS wouldn’t sit through 5 minutes and I’d probably struggle :joy: I think we’ll still skip.

I saw it during my first trip and I seem to remember it being meh.

But I’m giving the shows a second chance this year and I’ve booked the dining package.

I’m very pleased to see there’s an improved version showing when I’m there.


I and my wife seen it last fall and the year before that. I guess I would compare it to the Laser light show at Epcot. It is short and it seems like it takes forever to get started. I don’t know if children would like it all that well but I thought it was great. In my book it was well worth seeing.

This was pretty much our feeling on the show as well, so we were going to skip it. Now I’m wondering if I should revise our plans to include it. I just find that theatre to be very crowded and uncomfortable. Then, you have to exit AK with the masses.

Unless you’re going to be there for the first couple of shows, you can always wait and see what the reviews are like, or even watch it on YouTube if you don’t mind spoilers.

Will see what the reviews are before deciding - current plan is to skip it (really didn’t enjoy last time) and focus on other aspects of the park at night time.

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Yes that’s my plan.

May 24th is the opening night. I saw a blog post that today, but I found it yesterday on the Rivers of Light Dining package page yesterday. I went ahead and booked the dining package for that day, so I will be at the first show. Fingers crossed there isn’t any delays to it.



I got bored halfway through the show, but I think the addition of characters would help a lot. I’m not sure that will make it a must-see, since we haven’t seen either nighttime show at DHS and there will be a new Epcot show when we go next. And HEA will always be a must for us.

Also, Memorial Day is May 27, so maybe it will open Saturday May 25?