New ride in January = more or less crowds?

Hello all! I’ve been using touring plans for years now and just now decided to utilize the forum!! Not sure why i haven’t thought of it before. Anywho! I’ve booked a hotel for Disney for my family of 2 adults, one child and one infant (total of 3 tickets) for January 20-25. We will be coming from northern CA with a 6 hour drive ahead of us. I didn’t realize that the new Star Wars ride is opening on the 17th of January til a couple weeks ago. Would it be wise to change dates? I know Disney was a ghost town after Galaxies Edge opened so I’m not sure I should expect the same when the new ride opens. Thoughts? Advice? Thank you in advance!! =]

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A lot will depend on how they handle the opening; will be be “open”, FPP, no FPP, advanced reservation entry, etc? If it just “opens”, SWGE will be crazy 3 days after opening, which may also impact the parks in general. You’ll be there during weekdays, while school is in session, so that’s a plus. I probably wouldn’t change my dates, but I’d keep my ear close to the ground for details on how tghe opening will be handled. The WDW version opens in early Dec, so there may be some data points that you can glean from that.

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January 20th is MLK Jr Day, which should be quite busy. The rest of the days hopefully won’t be too bad. RotR will probably be swamped, but if you have a good strategy you should be able to ride at some point. It will be better than on the 17th at least.

I agree with @bswan26, just keep an eye on things and try to be flexible. Don’t get your hopes up for experiencing RotR unless you are willing to wait in a very long line. Expect to have slightly higher than normal crowds compared to last year’s MLK week. Here is the current forecast for those days:


P.S. Highly recommend getting a subscription for TP if you don’t already have one.

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