New Restictions on DVC Resale owners

@Seeyarealsoon77 posted on chat that Disney will place restrictions on those who purchase DVC resale. Does anyone have info on what these restrictions will be.

No idea what @Seeyarealsoon77 was talking about. I have not seen rumors anywhere else. Anyone else here know?

I haven’t heard anything either, but it would be important for prospective resale buyers to know if there are any restrictions.

There were a change of restrictions back in 2011 I believe, which stated that all resales not conducted through Disney will no longer have access to any of the collections (Disney, Concierge, and World) except for the Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

But other than that, I haven’t heard of any new restrictions.

Thx. I was aware of those restrictions. A liner on chat who just bought into DVC was told by a CM that new restrictions were coming. Was curious if anyone had info or was this just a CM passing on unsubstantiated info.

All Ive heard about resale is that WDW are going to attempt to increase their holding of dvc To do this they will purchase more resale when people want to resell as outlined in the terms and conditions. There are certain properties / resorts they want more units in as they don’t have enough stock to meet demand.
They MIGHT start to reinforce the contractual obligations of owners renting out points but that isnt resale.

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Thx. It seems there motto is buy low, sell high.