New RD show at MK?

I’m trying to decide if this will be a benefit or a curse for those of us who like to get to RD. Ceratainly, it’s better to be in the park to get to the first rides, but those people that are distracted by the Starbucks, etc on Main St. will now be able to make those visits before the actual RD. Still, we should be able to get better positions for first rides.

Also, the original show at the train station was usually early. Will this be early too? How will this be reflected in our TPs once they are updated?

I think many of us are waiting and seeing. There are some questions regarding how pre rope drop ADRs will be handled. I am hoping we will here lots of reports from the first week and will be able to track any changes that happen after those initial days.

I’m prertty sure the show will be at the same time it always was and RD will be at the posted time. I just don’t think this is going to be a big deal; this is how RD was done for YEARS.

There were a few tweets today that the show would start at 8:55

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