New RD Procedures For Each Park

Great thread! It dawns on me I have questions I didn’t know I had. :crazy_face: 18 days. Yay!!
Staying at Contemporary. MK opens at 9 and they will let us through at 8:10? What’s a good time to start walking to the park?

HS opens at 10 and they will let us in at 9:10?
I have a 7:50 ADR at Trattoria and walk to HS from there. Sounds like I will be cutting it close if breakfast takes longer than an hour …
Taking an Uber. Is it correct I can be dropped at Boardwalk entrance instead of cutting through one of the hotels? Thanks, y’all.

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On Columbus Day we were first in HS and on my picture it says 9:01. We were led up to the temperature checks at 8:45 and help there and right at 9:00 were let in.

BTW, I learned this in another forum that the Speedway gas station is probably the shorter walk vs a resort to DHS. Plus, we can grab water and a morning snack for cheaper than in the park



This is fantastic!! Thank you for sharing this tip! I am assuming crossing Buena Vista there is a crosswalk etc?

The path goes underneath the road so no crosswalk needed.

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This is great news! Thank you!

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We were at Bay Lake and I tried very hard to get my family out the door at 745, then again at 750 and at 753 DS16 still in shower and I’m talking to him thru the door we’re leaving him if he’s not ready by 8 lol. So we left our room at 8 and put our bags in the car in the parking lot at 807 and were in temp check line at 8:11. So I’d say an 8am departure is prolly sufficient but if you want to be front of the line I’d leave earlier.