New Rapunzel restaurant on the Magic

Has anyone eaten at the Rapunzel restaurant on the Magic? We had eaten at Carioca’s once, and my husband fell in love (and by love, I mean LOVE) with the banana bread they served. Do they offer it at the re-themed restaurant? We are taking a seven night from Quebec, and I was just curious. Thank you!

Per the menu I found on it is a pretzel bread. Which is more in keeping with the theme than banana.

Thank you! I was informed by the man in question that it wasn’t as good as banana bread, but it was a close second!

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We ate there in April. The pretzel bread was very tasty and chewy but not at all sweet. We did have a bread with a mango dipping sauce one night. Maybe on pirate night? And they have a bunch of quick breads in Cabanas. Hopefully the same recipe.

This is a draw for Magic for me.