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Hi there,
I am curious if the wait times can be used for projects as I am thinking of starting a project related to wait times and weather with regards to Disney parks.

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In what sense are you asking if it can be used? Are you asking if referencing it would be a copyright violation? Or you’re trying to incorporate the data real time into another app or website?

See towards the bottom of this page:

" Disney Wait Time Data for Machine Learning and Data Science Projects

TouringPlans and the Unofficial Guide book series have their roots in academia. To support the next generation of theme park researchers, we’re happy to provide access to our own sets of Disney wait times. Each dataset is a comma-separated file (CSV) of ASCII text, updated monthly. Each row is one discrete observation. Besides the wait times, we’ve provided a file of features common to each wait time. Each column is a feature we captured along with the wait time (e.g., day of week, time of day). See the data dictionary for an explanation of features.

Let us know if you do something interesting with these data."

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I wanted to make sure I wasn’t stealing it as I want to find a way to improve the forecast for like every 15 minute blocks for almost every ride (which is something I am not seeing on the WDW) to present at a meteorological conference or two to show how weather can be used to help with theme park guests such as being more prepared.

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It sounds like exactly the kind of study they are trying to support. I realized I linked to the WDW page, but I assume something similar exists for DL. Best of luck with your project!

I think the main issue you’ll have is the timing since nobody knows how things will operate upon reopening but however it does it’s sure to throw predictions off for some time.

Good luck!!

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