New play pavilion replacing Wonders of Life at Epcot

Sounds interesting

Looks interesting, but definitely geared to kids. I can see it as the place where parents take small kids while older ones ride GotG…

What I got out of this was that they are moving and not removing the Leave A Legacy photos.

Maybe. But I think it’s worth checking out. Adults may like it to as it sounds interactive.

Yes. I’m VERY happy they are moving them. I don’t think they can remove them (yet), according to the long-term agreement. It must remain until at least 2027.

Those monoliths as you enter just seem so cold and uninviting.

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We got one on our honeymoon, so we enjoy looking it up when we’re there. Not many things have been this permanent there, so I’ve always thought this was a pretty cool project.

I like the IDEA of it, just not the execution/location of it. When you’re walking in, the monoliths just seem to be in the way, something to get past. I actually felt it would have been better to have them off in an garden area, highlighted or something…but not THERE.

I understand, architecturally, why they put them there. The designer of Spaceship Earth wanted the monoliths to sort of cradle SE. But I just don’t feel it worked. Also, truth is, it feels forgotten…an idea that never fully came to fruition. Many of the monoliths are only partially filled, and some of them not at all. It just adds to the “forgotten” feeling that Epcot has left in more recent years. The revitalization is exciting. So, moving the monoliths is a great idea…and moving them to just outside the gates is a great idea.


“As many of you know, we’ve got BIG plans for our multi-year transformation of Epcot, with new experiences that’ll “Wow!” guests while keeping true to the original vision of the park.”

How about just bringing back the Wonders of Life Pavilion instead of making it a “play pavilion.” You know, original vision…