New plans after adding Disney After Hours

So, I made our FPP at 60 days and really didn’t get what we wanted (oh well).

But we decided today to cancel EMM and add DAH at Hollywood Studios instead.

Which totally messes with my FPP.

I need some advice here.

So, on Our HS DAH night- We have FPP booked for AK from 5-6, EE from 6-7 and Kali from 7-8. In theory I would prefer they were in the morning (Which was original plan but I was happy to get anything!!)

Should I go to AK for our FPP then hop on over to HS? Will I be able to get different dates/times for FOP?

I guess what I really wonder is how likely will I be able to modify FOP time?

The date is May 31st.

Totally a 1st World problem but irritated with Disney for adding dates after my FPP! Also frustrated that so many Tier 1 attraction FPP were gone so dang quickly!

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