New Paint the Night Dining Packages

Has anyone used the new Paint the Night Dining Packages? We are going in late February and I’ve always found the dining packages well worth it for Fantasmic and World of Color. The description simply says that the Blue Bayou package gets you standing room on Main Street without much detail about where exactly it is - also can you remain in the area for Fireworks as you could with the preferred viewing section for Fantasmic? Thanks!

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From a liner on DL chat: "The BB section is on Main St by Carnation Cafe. I think it was worth it for the time you save not having to camp out for a viewing spot, and you get a nice meal. I would have appreciated a seat instead of standing and the cast members had to shoo people

  • out constantly which was a little distracting but not a big deal. For fireworks you just walk out into the street after the Mickey float and it was prime viewing. So awesome! We’ve caught bits and pieces of the parade and fireworks over the past year *
    *but to finally see it all and from such a prime spot was awesome :slight_smile: Waiting in the curb for hours is just not an option for my family so this is the only way we could do it. If we do it again though I will try Aladdin next time."

We just did the dining package last night. I’m not convinced it was worth it as it was a fairly low level crowd for the day and we could have found a spot on the curb somewhere along the route. The main thing that I was disappointed in was that there was only one person policing the area and at least 6 people just ducked under the rope and set up camp at the last minute behind us in the reserved section. I wouldn’t have spent $200 on a fairly average dinner at BB if I had known what it was. Certainly if it was peak season I see the value but sadly didn’t see it yesterday.