New package offer coming in November for travel in 2024

Beginning 11/14/23, guests can book a special Kids Play & Dine for 50% Off package offer.

Children (3-9) will pay only 50% for their tickets AND their dining plan when booked as part of a 4night 4day WDW package

This will be for most nights 3/324 to 6/30/24

“check back for more details in November”


Wow - that is over the Easter Spring break weeks!


Good deal if you kids on that she category - not so much for everyone else, especially since I assume all “adults “ would still need to purchase DDP.

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Yes. Aimed at families with kids 9 and under.

I already have SSR booked with points, but I wonder if I could save money on tickets and dining by booking an ASMu family suite as well … :thinking:

Check back in november to see what the pricing looks like

I suppose you could flesh it out now to get a sense but it might not be exact


Interesting. I’ve never considered a dining plan but I wonder, with 2 kids in that age range…


Do I have to book a room through Disney to get this? And would that room then be full price? I know they have some room only discounts going on at that time too.

This is confusing to try to figure out what’s the best deal financially. Is this why people get travel agents? Lol. In all seriousness, thank you for posting @OBNurseNH


What you see is what information we have. More details to come in November. It did say a non-discounted room. So yeah you will have to math to figure out which discount will work best for you.

The timing of the release of this announcement, so far away from when it can be booked - in SIX weeks - is a first and really weird to me.

I am not sure who else you would book through if not Disney? If you mean third party I don’t think priceline or expedia will have this offer. But you could book directly or via a TA


Darn. I no longer have any Disney children.
Thanks for the update on new offers.
Much appreciated.


I meant booking through David’s or secondhand points. Would that count?


No that won’t work

Davids/points is DVC

This is package pricing - which always includes hotel room (not DVC) + tickets, and now again the option to add dining (which would not be optional for this discount). For packages all in the room have to have the same elements.


I just realized my second will be 10 by our next trip. :man_facepalming: So I will only have 2 children out of our party of 6, rather than 3 / 3. Disney ages suck.


Yes. This.


Yes. This is why I use a TA. She does the math and figures out what’s the best deal. If it saves me money, she books it, sends me a text and I see it in the morning when I get up.


I hope they no longer like character meals. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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