New Opening Show and Wait Points

Anyone been to MK this week? Wondering how early they let people onto Main Street. Did they let you go all the way up to the castle or hold points somewhere else? What time did the majority of the people show up? 8:30ish?

I’m wondering all of this because I have an ADR for BOG at 8:20 that I’ve diligently been trying to move closer to 8. Should I keep trying to move it to 8:00 or might it actually be better to arrive at 7:45, go take castle pics then wander over to BOG at 8:10 for the 8:20 reservation?

I haven’t been, but reports are that they open MS an hour before official park opening time (not sure how that works with EMH). The “hold points” are the bridges off of the hub.


I would imagine they have to have CM standing at the hold points to ensure only resort guests enter.

A friend of mine was there this week and said they are allowing people in at 8. The shops on Main Street are open so you can shop and get coffee and such before the new show.

It’ll be interesting to know if the recommendation will be to get there at 8 and head for your hub locale for a spot or if leisurely strolling and shopping is okay with only a short wait at the hub. Also, how early should we get to the turnstiles, now that the wait is inside. This is a bonus for people who need strollers and wheelchairs, but those things as well as the shops used to peel people off from the RD crowd and make it easier to get to your target ride early. I wonder how this will affect ride times, if at all.