New Nemo Musical show to open 2022

Contrary to some reports as recently as yesterday, Disney have announced a new version of the Nemo show will open next year.


Unfortunately I don’t think this helps all the performers that were notified yesterday their jobs are cut because their show is permanently closed?


That’s sad…I was excited about a new version to watch but that makes me sad


I’d imagine they can audition for the new show if they choose. Assuming they meet whatever the new qualifications are.

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It sounds to me like maybe the new show won’t have puppets, of they’ve already been destroyed. In which case the puppeteers won’t be needed. But the others should be able to audition.

I saw this tweet this morning


I absolutely loved the musical and reading that article makes me feel all the feels again. I’m excited it’s coming back, but very much skeptical just like the author said.

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I thought it was confirmed that the puppets were destroyed?

I loved this show, it was amazing. What does the article mean about ‘abrupt and unconventional buttons!?

All I saw was that they were “removed” from the theater.

It was WDWNT but it came from the performers that were let go:

It will be a completely new show, as many of the props, puppets, and stage dressings were destroyed or are being used for parts for the new staging.

I don’t know? I think it was the Welcome Home podcast the other day that was talking about how Disney must have a million warehouses with old stuff in them somewhere. I don’t see what they would gain by destroying the puppets!

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I honestly just took it as “the decision is final”.

Reviving an old post for an update:

Opens June 13, and will be added to the Genie+ LL options for AK, starting that same day.


I hope it lives up to the original!