New MK opening procedure

Heading to MK at the beginning of March. Wondered if anyone has experienced the new opening procedure…guests may enter at 8AM and spend time eating & shopping prior to the published official 9AM Park opening. I have an 8 AM breakfast reservation at crystal palace…was hoping this would give me an advantage for getting in line for headliner attractions, but now I’m wondering if it is even worth it since it sounds like any guest can enter the park at 8 AM. Thoughts?

You’ll be able to get in at 7.45, but it wouldn’t have given you an advantage for rides even under the old opening procedures - we weren’t out till 9.10 when we did it.

I agree, you will get to take some pictures in the park early and it will be mostly empty but you won’t have a jump start on rides–the crystal palace isn’t in a good spot for that. Better would be Be Our Guest breakfast, which lets you hop into the 7 dwarves and/or Peter Pan before anyone is even allowed past main street. It is also less time consuming than a sit-down breakfast so an 8am BoG reservation would probably let you start roaming the park around 8:45–plenty of time to get to your number 1 ride.

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Unless the park opening is changed to 8 am like it did on our day of 8 am BOG adr. So I learned it maybe best to also make a later breakfast adr and then cancel whichever you will use when it gets closer to your date.