New Mission Masks

Anybody using one of these at Disney? I just received mine and it is probably by far the best I’ve had. It’s multilayered so it shouldn’t be a problem. My wife was concerned Disney may not like it because it has what appear to be holes on the front, but there are two layers of material before that layer. I guess that does something for keeping it cool, but I’m not sure. This is a mask, not a gaiter. Any feedback from the group? Thanks.

What is a mission mask?

I took a gander to see what it was like, and yeah…I could see how Disney might be leery of it. I mean, I can tell it is technically safe, but it does leave the appearance of there being holes…and they wouldn’t want you to take it off to demonstrate it was fine.

For me, it doesn’t appear to have a nose piece, though, so I don’t think it would work well with glasses.

They come with a thing guaranteeing that they are multilayered and you can feel that they are. I haven’t worn them with glasses, however there are many reviews out there that indicate they aren’t bad. I can provide a review after wearing it for a while.

Yup I don’t see them allowing that. Whatever their site says, WDW is going to have to go by their on-site assessment which I can guarantee is not going to include visiting a website and leaning on their say-so.

I would not chance it. I would make sure to have masks with you that do not in any way appear to be mesh/porous/hole-y


i can understand what you’re seeing, but I completely disagree…there are two layers of fabric before you’d ever reach the layer with the holes. you could literally cut the layer with the holes off the mask and still have double layered fabric over your face…if we still need them when we go I will make sure to have one that they can inspect. It may not make sense until you get your hands on one, but including the layer with the holes, there’s 3 layers of material there (significantly more than some other masks that are allowed). I can see where there could be a misconception about these masks if you don’t have one in hand to see though. I have a gaitor that has holes in it and that is an absolute no no. I can/will have an extra for them to inspect if necessary.

Hey I don’t care.

You asked for an opinion.

I think you’ll encounter resistance at the gate at WDW.

Take your chances if you like


I think this is a good strategy. But I would have a back up, standard mask just in case. It may be that Disney cares about the appearance of the holes in the masks to other guest, even if u show them proof its acceptable to the safety standards.


100% this


Appearance over function! Got it!

Geez could just turn the dang thing inside out if I have to. Then the little vents are not seen, same mask, same functionality. smh LOL

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i would think if you have the black one the hole are less obvious looking than the gray. at least thats how it appears from the website picture

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I don’t think it’s that they care about appearance over function so much as they don’t have the resources to closely examine everyone’s masks, and they certainly aren’t going to have people taking masks off to show the other layers.

The policy says “face coverings containing valves, mesh material or holes of any kind are not acceptable face coverings”, and that seems pretty clear on the subject. If there are visible holes then it’s not accepted. As far as the policy goes, even if the holes were on the inside they wouldn’t be okay if they knew about it.


I’ve run into the same thing myself. They don’t allow respirators even if they are filtered more than just fabric. Unbelievable, but true. I will be wearing my respirator under my cloth mask that I’m sewing to specifically cover my respirator. Stupid, but whatever.

thanks for all the replies. if I decide to use these I will simply cut the THIRD layer of mask with the holes off the mask with a sharp pair of scissors and then i’ll be compliant. Unfortunately for the vented masks, they do not filter the breath you exhale which is why they are not allowed. They are great for you as a user, as they filter what you are inhaling, but if you happen to be sick they don’t filter what you exhale (or at least the older ones didn’t). There is no function to the holes on this mask that I can see. I’ve reached out to see if mission can provide masks with no holes on them as well. Thanks again!


You may be thinking about the N95s with vents. Those, indeed, do not filter air going out. However, the respirators I have looked at filter going in and out. The one I have is silicon and you breathe through holes in the mask which have filters between your mouth and the holes.

I want to be safe regardless of what others do or don’t do. If I have to hide the holes with a “compliant” mask, so be it.

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Did you ever find a solution for this? My husband wants to wear this mask to Disney and I have the same concerns.