New "mid-day magic" ticket

So looks like a cheaper ticket for after 12 PM. I’m still down with rope drop and think this will only make it that much more useful. What say you?

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It’s progressing toward my theory that all tickets will eventually be for specific timeslots.


This might actually be useful on arrival days. My plane lands at 9:30 at MCO and I was planning a resort/lounge/pool day since I couldn’t rope drop, but I might have to consider this as an option.

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You have to figure the difference between the cost of this half-day ticket vs the cost of adding a day. Remember that the more days you have the less it costs. Adding 5th day and beyond is far cheaper than this.


It is currently only in 2, 3, and 4-day amounts. They are valid for only a few days, such as four days for a 2-day ticket. This may not work for you in your situation, unless you had another partial day planned within the following three days.

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Agreed on both points @mkmuzzy and @OBNurseNH! Just thinking of another way you could utilize this special pricing - if you wanted to go to a water park in the morning and spend the rest of the day at a park.
I am probably not buying into this for my september trip, but I think there are ways it could be useful.

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I doubt I’ll be making use of it but would love it if this tempted more people to leave the parks empty in the mornings for us rope droppers.


I’m thinking that they are trying to close the gap on Convention tickets. By offering this to the general public they are avoiding the whole “pretending to be going to a convention” thing. Probably will appeal to a decent group of people, especially if it doesn’t cost much more than convention tickets (no idea if it does or not).

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Then an all-day ticket would be a ‘premium’ ticket.

Interesting take, and perhaps not far off the mark if it remains “a thing.” Otherwise I see it as a temporary measure to continue to try to mitigate anticipated SWGE effects and control crowd behavior however they are able.

I’m not sure what to think. If it appeals to the same audience that would otherwise buy full day tickets, then I’m all for lower crowds in the morning and making WDW more affordable. But I’m nervous that it will bring in additional people mid-day, when the last thing WDW needs is more crowds, and I’m worried about the precedent that partial day tickets sets.


It seems sly and I’m not sure why.


I find it interesting that weeks before an event that many people think will bring in large crowds of extra visitors (opening of SWGE), that WDW announces a discount ticket program for that same time period. One would expect higher ticket pricing during a period of increased demand. Makes me wonder what kind of advance ticket sale information WDW has gathered for the next three months.

This ticket will not be a really good value for MK during the many days coming up when the park closes early for Halloween and Christmas parties. Only good from Noon to Six PM.

There’s smaller parks that do reduced admission for late entry. It’s not new, just new for Disney.

Yeah - but I think they do it because they have genuinely heard from their audience that a partial day ticket would work best for them. After work, etc.

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I’m excited for this, because we’re going to F&W for 2 days, but we don’t really care about Epcot in general this time around so we wanted to have later starts (sleep in, pool time, etc). We were looking at convention tickets but couldn’t decide whether after 5 was enough time, but the price for after 1 wasn’t that much better than full price. I’m sure we’ll get these now.

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My husband emailed me this info today.

I emailed back that we purchased a 5-day park hopper for $95.60/day/person (Undercover Tourist)

This “deal” of a mid-day magic ticket with park hopper is $99.32/day/person

Then asked him if he wanted to spend more money and less time at Disney??? :slight_smile:

I’m an engineer … I run the numbers


Yeah, but what’s the price per hour?

I would have bought these tickets. We are not morning people so on our recent visit in May my DD19 and I never got to the park before 11:30am. I wish Disney kept the parks open later for regular ticket holders. Just when the heat starts to let off, the parks close.