New MB order

So I went and customized our MBs for next trip and paid for the upgrade for our order. Received a confirmation email verifying our order and that our payment was processed. Now when I go look at our MBs in MDE they all show that they still need to be customized. What the heck? Has anyone else experienced this? Glitch? Or does it merit an email/call to figure out what’s going on? I would just re-customize but I don’t want them to charge me a second time!

Yes, I just chose colors, no upgrade, received a confirmation from shop parks, and now they are all “unselected” Funny thing though when I am switching between webpages and the computer is thinking a picture shows up that has everyone in my family,l with the selected magic band. Then once the page loads, it disappears. So assume I am good.

And another liner said yesterday she called and they told her they were there even though she couldn’t see them.

I ordered mine Monday and never got the email. I got charged and when I called I spent a total of several hours on the phone to figure what happened. They sorted it out but they are sold out of what I wanted so they are issuing me a gift card when I get there so I can go buy my own.

I ordered mine on Wednesday (upgraded all three) and got an email confirming the upgrades, but when I go online only one of us shows a magic band selected, and it’s gray. :frowning: When I click “edit” I get an error screen. My credit card charge is still showing as pending, so I’m not sure what is going on. I’ve only got 11 days until the order needs to be finalized to ship, so I’m getting nervous.

From what I can tell, the whole thing has been a festival of uselessness by Disney. The roll-out of the new bands has been an unmitigated catastrophe.

Disney IT is the worst thing ever.


Mine is showing the right ones in MDE, but I haven’t been charged. And they’ve already been shipped but to the resort because we’re in the U.K., and we don’t go till August. I’m definitely worried. It’s complete chaos.

I think I might give it a week, see if I’ve been charged, see what’s showing in MDE, and then call them if I’m not completely convinced. Well I’ll probably email.


Well quite. I should say that I’ve had a shipping email.

Yeah, because that’s proof.

I have a teddy bear that says “Best Teacher” on it. That I bought for myself.


teddy bears don’t lie