New Magic Bands - Fall 2019

My daughter wants the new descendants magic band for our December trip. We are buying magic bands separately. Do you experts think this one will be available before then to purchase?

Interesting that you post that–my daughter is also a descendants fanatic, and would love that for a Magicband. The only Descendants version I can find on the internet, though, is for an old 1.0 band version. I do see a couple options for “Villans”. Are you seeing something else new?

It’s not in store - just as an upgrade right now. Wondering when it will be in store.

Oh, MAN! Thanks for the link. That Descendants band is exactly what DD would want. Looks like their link for eBay sales of those bands isn’t working either. I’m going to have to find that band somewhere for DD in the next 3 months.

You need to be careful buying magic bands from eBay. If they’ve ever been linked to someone’s MDE, you won’t be able to use it.

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Yes, thanks! I’m new to Magicbands, but what I’m thinking is, because the inner puck can be removed and swapped, if I encounter a problem like that with a band, I just buy a different (i.e. cheap plain-colored) band, and put the new puck in the desired band. This would allow for getting DD whatever band she wants, and could even be at a cheaper price if used. Wouldn’t be a show-stopper if the inner puck needs to be traded out.

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FWIW, I added an on-site lodging reservation to my January trip, and am looking at the available Magicbands. As others have stated, the selection seems to change every few hours. But I haven’t seen the Descendants band as an option yet. May be sold out already, which would be a pisser.

Keep checking. Best time to check is somewhere in the 8am-10am (Central Time). I’ve heard the stock refreshes around 45 past the hour. I just got “It’s a Small World” this morning from my wife after I had not seen it out there for over a month. It’s the one she really wanted, so if you have time before your trip, just check throughout the day, but really check between like 8:30 and 10am Central time as that is usually when a huge new stock of bands would appear.

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Much thanks for the tip!

I was able to order a Descendants Magic Band and it was supposedly delivered last week and I didn’t get it! Ugh! I’m crushed. I haven’t told my daughter yet. She was soooo excited. I fear it’s lost forever. I asked my mail carrier and he said it was his day off and another carrier was working that day. Double ugh! I would just go get another one (we have more stays coming up) but it isn’t there any more!

Aw man. My daughter is bummed bc we are at the Hilton bonnet. We are buying magic bands but descendants is only mdx it seems. I wonder if they will have them in the parks.

Yup, I’ve only seen the Descendants band once on the MDX site since posting this, and when I went to buy it, it said it was already out of stock. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does pop up again at some point. I’m checking MDX probably 8 times a day, and the selection is different every time.

The selections seem to be changing around 40 - 45 minutes after the hour. I haven’t seen Descendants in days. What’s killing me is that I click on a band within 60 seconds of it becoming available, and it says it’s out of stock. It’s like they are putting options up there just to tease us!!!

You could try to get a Magic Band skin (there are a bunch of sellers around) that is a Descendants design and put on your plain colored band. We’ve gone this route and have enjoyed the “create your own design” perk and getting several designs to switch out during our trip.

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Yes I don’t get the out of stock message. Should disappear if that’s true. And why not show all at once??

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@sfrace Contact them and let them know you did not receive the band. That happened to me and they sent me a replacement one pretty quickly. It was one for my husband of Thanos.

UPDATE— SO DH wanted the donald one, so i thought it would be fun to get Daisy. Anyways kids want princess ones. haven’t seen them in forever, so daisy and donald appeared and they went through!!

Now I need to find the princess ones for my kids!