New Lynx bus route, Disney and UOR

My wife brought this to my attention a week or so ago, but I haven’t seen any discussion about it here. But there is a new bus route that will run from MCO to Disney Springs, with 5 stops along the way:

This might not be practical for those traveling with luggage…but it does seem like it could be a cheapish way to get between Disney and UOR if you want to take a day trip between the two, or to get from the airport to either location if you are traveling light.

Not necessarily more convenient…but just figured it was worth mentioning/discussing.


Yeah there was some discussion of that, but I can’t recall where

The issue is that once you get to DS you cannot board a Disney bus with luggage. You could most likely get away with a backpack. Otherwise you’d have to get a Lyft/Uber/Taxi from there anyway so unless staying in that immediate vicinity this is way more work than it’s worth. Just take the mears and be done with it.


Yeah. I agree that as a way to get from MCO to/from Disney or UOR, it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

The idea of being able to get from Disney to UOR or vice-versa for a day visit might be feasible.

What is interesting about this was apparently this change was made to better accommodate tourists (from the sounds of it)…but it really isn’t ideal for tourists.

I found another article talking about this change, and it sounds like the change in the route to accommodate tourists is causing major headaches for those who use the bus system for work purposes, though. So…this may have been a good idea on paper, but in practice, perhaps not so much.

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We have been discussing this quite a bit since the announcement- especially with the pending possibility of Tiana previews….This is something I would consider for short trips, I usually often fly if trip is less than 4 days, at that point I am backpacking it anyway. Renting a car usually costs more that the trip itself…If we are lucky enough to grab slots this is an option.

The other benefit I can see is for my DS in W.Palm….brightline didn’t make it to Disney Springs. This could be the connection we are looking for…

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Same! My last 3 Orlando trips have been backpack only so this works for me, as long I’m on flights that land/leave when the busses are running.

This is also a way to get to the mall (there’s a nearby Target, too) if your luggage is lost or you blow out a sandal and need to get new shoes.

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