New LOW LOW Crowd Levels predicted in Mid July - and August? WHY?

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any thoughts on why the crowd levels have dipped a lot in the past few weeks predicting 3’s, 1’s, 2’s in parts of july and august? Seems odd that they have changed so much. Still changing plans around based on numbers as we aren’t good w/crowds for some good reasons… i know, i should prepare myself then, I know :wink: And, I will – but still there are random days in July/August, strings of them with parks at 2’s, 3’s and even ones.

FYI - The CL levels do fluctuate up to about a couple weeks in advance. I’ve book trips seeing CL 1 / 2 and by the travel date a couple months later it’s up to CL5.

It’s only speculation, but I’d assume CL’s are lower during this time as people my have pushed back their normal July trips to Labor Day and later for SWEG.

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I believe I saw Len post on chat and I believe he said they expected people would push back summer trips.


Its possible due to people pushing back until SWGE opens,

We just received an offer from Disney in the form of an Offer Code for most nights 6/2-8/28/19 with up to 30% off.

We got the same thing. Unfortunately Disney is not in the budget this year.

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I got several updates the other day that CL for my June trip had dropped. Not to 1-3 levels, but from 7-8 range to 5-6 range. I HOPE that people keep pushing those summer trips back so we have low crowds. That will make my crowd-hating-not-Disney-crazy husband very happy!

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I added a day to our trip because of a decrease in CL 8 to 3 at MK.

How does one receive these offer codes?

I don’t really know, but we got the same offer in the snail mail yesterday (Tuesday). It said, in part, “…another visit.” and “…past guest…” We were last there Dec 2017 for just a couple days.

There is no rhyme or reason to it. Disney sends them to who they want to send them to. Here is what is funny about this one, it was sent to my wife but under her maiden name.

I got the same for my 8/17-23rd trip and it made me smile. I hope the crowd calendar is close to accurate because it might make this trip pretty special!

Hah! My dad (who used my address for his Disney account) just got one, but I have not.