New Hours for HS for Galaxy's Edge Opening! What does it mean?

Theories? Think this mean reservation times announcement is coming? :slight_smile: New hours are 6:00 am-10:30 pm changed from 9:00 am-8:30 pm

Disney have already said no reservations at WDW, so unlikely.

However they could implement a virtual queue system, even during the extra extra magic hours. That seems to be a front runner for DHS.

Yea. I did not take the no reservation system announced yet at World to be their “final answer.” Figured they would have some solution other than a mob. :open_mouth::grinning:

Since they have over 20,000 hotel/dvc rooms, I would guess they can’t do exactly the same system, but some kind of system.

If they have a reservation system, it effectively becomes a FP for the land. As they cannot give out a reservation time to everyone onsite at 25 Disney resorts plus all the DS resorts.

There was a very clear statement that there would not be a time limit on SW:GE at WDW when they announced the details for DL. And they were very specific in that onsite resort guests would get the benefit of extra magic hours during which the land would be open.

A virtual queue, on the other hand, could work to stop lines of thousands of people waiting to get in. As you arrive and get in line, they could scan bands and issue you a return time.

But I don’t think we’ll hear anything else now until DL is up and running.

I like the idea of a virtual queue. I want to know, with the 6am openings, how early are the mobs going to start lining up at the tap stiles?

4am will see hundreds arriving.

6am will see well over a thousand.

I just posted these figures on another thread:
I’ve just seen these figures posted elsewhere.

Relates the ride capacity of the Millenium Falcon ride. And puts things into perspective - not necessarily in a good way. :open_mouth:

Estimated capacity of the ride is 1,800 per hour.

No. of rooms qualifying for EMH is around 40,000 rooms.

Assuming an average of 3 people in a room capable of sleeping 4, 120,000 people each day qualify for EMH.

If just 10% turn up at 6am, it will take almost 7 hours for the EMH people to get through the ride.

Now not everyone will be riding MF. In fact, not everyone will be heading for Galaxy’s Edge. However at 6am, the majority will be. By 8am, the likelihood is that most new arrivals at the park will be heading elsewhere. But there will have to be some kind of crowd control to allow those not heading to GE to get into the park. Which is why I think a virtual queue will be used for those turning up.

I hope they somehow figure out how to corral the SWGE people away from the rest-of-the-park people at 6AM. I’d enjoy SWGE, I’m sure; but I have the rest of my life to see that. I’d really like to enjoy TSL while my little ones are still little.


If they use a virtual queue, the people waiting for GE will be busy doing stuff in the rest of the park.

Bad news for you, but far safer than having thousands of people snaking around the parking lot for hours.

I wonder though, if your virtual queue time isn’t until 2PM, will you bother coming to DHS at 6AM? Or must you in order to not get locked out?

A virtual queue operates there and then like the old FP system. Scan your band, and you’re given a return time. So you’d have to get there to get a time. And if you want to be sure of getting a return time, you’d want to be there during EEMH. And you also highlighted another reason too!

Otherwise it becomes a reservation, which I firmly believe they will not do. Firstly because they’ve said categorically they won’t, secondly because they can’t give everyone staying onsite a time slot, thirdly because the EEMH are in place of reservations.

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Ok. I am confusing all I am reading on DLR with WDW.

Since the onset of FPP I’ve found planning a trip painfully complicated. Just when FPP was becoming more predictable… enter SWGE. I keep wondering if it’s worth it.

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So @Nickysyme, you are saying you still have to stand in line to get a return time? Not following. How could that many guests get a return time for the first day anyway?

This is what I’m mostly worried about. Will I still have to arrive at 4am to make sure I get into the park before it reaches capacity so I can go on rides other than SWGE?

A VQ that stopped the line from snaking, wouldn’t that still be a form of reservation? It would be nice if EEMH was for only the original on property hotels like it used to be minus swan and Dolphin, right?

I’m suggesting you could arrive and as they make their way down the line, you could be issued a return time.

But a return time could still have a significant wait anyway, since they can’t let more people in until some leave.

A reservation is “here’s a time. This is when you turn up to get into GE”. Onsite guests were allocated one, everyone else got to phone in and book one. Because DL is limiting people to 4 hours, they know exactly how many people can arrive per hour. And they are only doing this for 3 after opening.

After that, people show up in person, and get a return time. Like a FP. First come, first served. That’s a virtual queue. Once you have your time, having queued no doubt for hours to get one, you can do what you want until then.

WDW can’t do reservations. They realised that a long time ago. Way too many people on site. So instead they give those guests three hours head start over everyone else. A virtual queue makes sense as crowd control, that’s all I’m saying. But there would be no guarantee you would actually get into GE, since some people will be there for hours, all day even.

Well, they have to do something. If it is just a line, we may not go. :neutral_face: Disney wants their guests to plan on some things more a year or 6 months in advance where people take vacation time etc. On stuff like this, we wish they would announce a little sooner. Billions of dollars spent, years of development, guessing they have some plan for the line. :star_struck:

The 6 am start time doesn’t scare me away. I just wish I was taking DS10 instead of DS6 on this trip. DS10 could easily handle getting up and not complaining. Not sure DS6 will handle it as well. If I was going on a solo trip, I would be loving the new hour estimates, as I can function on a little sleep for a few days in a row without adverse consequences. DS6, though, is another story.

I would say that the time in September with these additional hours would be a good time to try one of those adventures to ride all 46 (or however many there are) rides on a same day. There are days when you would have 17 hours to get them in.

I have feeling there will be many family and/or parties splitting into two; the early risers and the night owls.