New Here- Linking Tripster passes

Can anyone advise me on linking my tripster passes (purchased per the helpful calculator here) to “My Disney Experience”?

Are they physical tickets or e-tickets?

They are not physical tickets. It’s just a will call confirmation # with all five of our tickets listed under one confirmation number. Since touring plans recommended going purchasing through Tripster, I’d imagine it would be a simple answer. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am sure someone here will have some experience with that type of ticket and will be able to help. Although, except for a few very special touring plans staff, everyone participating in this forum are members helping each other.

Sorry. I didn’t read far enough to see it’s several reservations can you put in the reservation # then alit the tickets to the others?

Usually you link it to your account and then assign the tickets to each person in your account?

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I purchased through the link on this website after doing the calculator to help find the best price. However, it is five tickets on one reservation so really doesn’t make sense how to do it. Hoping someone is familiar with this tripster website.

I had a similar experience with tickets through a travel agent. You need to sign up for a ‘My Disney Experience’ account if you haven’t already. Your vouchers will have a code on it (12-24 digits probably). Add everyone else travelling with you in your ‘friends and family’ on your MDE account. Then, select the ‘Link Tickets’ option in MDE. When you put in your voucher code, it will register as five tickets with the appropriate days. You can then assign those tickets to your Friends & Family. Once your ticket voucher number is in the system, Disney guest services can assist with any other changes you may need.


Welcome to our corner of the world @Mheyworth! I can’t help you with your tickets, but I hope you get it done. Will you let us know if it all works out?


Hi! I am working with a work colleague who is thinking about buying from Tripster. Any updates on your experience? It makes me nervous to recommend them to her having not seen a lot of chatter on Lines. @len, can I assume since Touring Plans lists them in the ticket finder that they are legit?

Yes, they’re a legitimate ticket vendor. They’ve got some good prices, too. Let me know how your colleague does, please. I’m happy to look at the ticket options beforehand, too.

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I bought tickets from them a couple of months ago. They linked to my account without any issues. The email has button to view and print tickets. Top left has a Disney Reserrvation Number. In MY Disney Experience, in my plans hit the link tickets button and enter that number.

@Gnatjo Did your friend end up buying their tickets through Tripster? Curious because they have the best price right now for our 5d PH. Thanks!

Thanks @len! She opted against going with them. This is her first trip and she was skittish. Booked directly through Disney. :grimacing:

Unfortunately, she did not. She was too nervous about it. There weren’t enough posts on here for me to point to that it was fine.

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I just bought four 5-day base tickets from Tripster and had the confirmation code within seconds of completing my transaction. They even provided a special email that included the exact code I needed to use to link them to my profile in My Disney Experience…and it was in a gigantic font in the center of the email…impossible to miss.

So within a span of 3 minutes: I purchased my tickets, linked them to MDE, and assigned them to each person.

It couldn’t have been easier and I actually ended up saving $198 in the end compared to buying directly from Disney.

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In case anyone was wondering, I did end up buying tickets from Tripster. Saved nearly $350 on 4 5 day PH tickets after the ticket prices went up. I had an issue with my order so I needed to call to have it corrected, but they did follow through and fix it for me. The only downside I saw to the process was that on the payment/order page there is no information about the final cost and the items in your “cart”. The issue I had was I opened a separate window to check the cancellation policy and placed a second set of tickets in my cart. I didn’t realize this until I got my receipt. Like I said big savings and customer service was great. Happy Planning.