New Epcot Forever dining package

I’m planning our late January trip and I’ve been waiting for Frozen Ever After dessert party dates to open, but to my surprise they have created a whole dining package instead.

The only restaurant they have listed (at least at this point) is Rose & Crown. It’s going to be a prix fixe menu, and you can’t use dining plan credits because it’s $89. Yes, you read that correctly… it’s literally double what it would cost for an appetizer, entree, dessert, and drink at that restaurant. The only difference is that it includes unlimited drinks. It’s $39 for kids, which is even more ridiculous because a children’s meal there is barely $20.

I’m pretty sure we’re not going to do it (I can’t see paying that much regardless, but we’ll have the deluxe dining plan and it’s hard enough to use all the credits without paying out of pocket for meal), but if we were, when do we think details on the menu might be available?

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They had the same offering for Illuminations too.

Do we know what the menu was like?

I don’t know. I never did it, just saw that it was an option.

Do you have a link to this? :(. I was also waiting on the forever desert party.

The party is still happening. It’s open for booking for this and next month.

I’m going in December :cry: no openings yet!

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Me too. I just keep checking. Sometimes they don’t post the availability until a few weeks out.

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Disney Food Blog has an article about the new dining package, and says it’s the same menu as the Illuminations one. You can read the articles here: Epcot Forever dining package and Illuminations dining package .

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I have a reservation for this at Rose & Crown on Sunday 1/5/20
However, I need to change this to Friday 1/3/20
There is no availability :frowning:

I’m hoping someone here has a Friday reservation and would rather do the Frozen Dessert Party and cancels, OR would rather have Sunday vs Friday. If any of that applies, please reply and LMK so I can get the date I need. 1/3/20

(FYI) A cast member told me they WILL be doing the dessert party and to keep checking for a reservation to open up at R&C when this gets announced.

The thing about this show is, it seems there are no bad vantage points except behind a tree (or similar) . So is it worth a premium?

Josh from easyWDW actually reviewed this fairly positively. An appetizer, entree, dessert and a drink actually comes in at roughly $66 with tax and tip. So you would need to get 3 beers or an expensive entree to get value.

But like others mentioned, I don’t think a specific view is as critical for Epcot Forever so I would just eat at any restaurant with your credits before the show.

I’m hoping to snag a 11/9 reservation for the Epcot Forever Dining Package. Is it possible they just aren’t open yet?

I would assume it’s possible, but I have no idea. Have you called in?