New electronic rider swap

The thread on chat says it works like this: Party of 6, 2 non-riders, for example. A and B scan their FP at 9:50. C, D, and A (riding a second time) scan their MB or card to add a RS “fastpass” at the same time. The RS starts at 10:20 and is good for an hour. Riders C and D were not required to have initial FP. Rider A only had to have the one for the first ride. All members had to be there in order to have the RS added into their MDE. This was on FoP in FP line. In Standby line maybe they’d give you a later return time to account for the length of the queue?

Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. I’m not sure my DD4 will hit 44" by our trip in December…here’s hoping, though!

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That was a quote from someone that reported from the parks today on the Disboards. They approached the ride at 10:20 and the return time for the RS was 10:57-11:57. It definitely had an end time

…and yes, in my example E & F were non-riders.

I see, that is rather disappointing. The screen shot from the OP was a little bit more encouraging with no end time for the FP+.

But it seems positive that the 2nd group doesn’t require a FP+. Which would be silly in these scenarios because you’d be arriving at a ride with a FP+ and they would basically be replacing it with another one.

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Just to clarify. The original post did state that he was told it expired in 1 hour. But MDE did not list an expiration time.

I know! But we all know how well trained CMs can be on new policies.

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For sure! I really want to hear if someone gets turned away for showing up more than an hour after the listed time. Work is getting in the way of following this topic today :laughing:

I’m wondering if the return time gets added to the RS when the original party checks in at the 2nd tapstile? Just thinking outloud.

Same and same! But I’m liking that they aren’t making the returners have FP+!

Do we have any new info?