New EE hours, best way to get to EFG?

Anyone at UOR this week who can provide info on best strategy for getting to EFG during EE? Conflicting reports with staggered openings regarding going first to IOA for EE than riding Hex when it opens at 7:20(?) or queuing for EE at USF 1 hour before opening. Thanks for the help!

Hi obviously I’ve missed something. Can someone explain the new EE I have a trip planned for Sept and am staying on site. TIA

It appears that IOA opens at 7, and USF opens at 8. I’m wondering if we could ride the HE before 8 and beat the crowds?

That’s what I’m hoping to find out, too!

I’m guessing it isn’t safer. If you don’t get on the first train out of IOA, then you could probably get seriously behind the crowds…We probably won’t risk it

Seth Kubersky, who wrote this blog post:

If your priority is Gringotts, get to USF 1 hour before their early entry. HEx won’t be running when IOA’s EE starts and will put you behind the pack at USF. Staggered opening are only through mid Aug so it will soon be a moot point anyway.

So there we go

HE topped at around 40min a few weeks ago on a level 10. Wait was under 40 much of the day in both directions. Betting Sept will be still better.