New DVC owners! Woot! Plus opinions needed on spilt stays!

Club ID, Membership ID and first booked trip on my dashboard makes me feel like I can officially say that we are DVC members!!! Ahhh!!! I am so nerdily excited it’s embarrassing.

They gave us 2018 points and I got a bit of a lesson in use year, when are points are allocated for the next year and how to bank unused point this morning. I had originally thought our 2018 points would expire by 12/31/19 however I learned today that (with banking into 2019) we have until 9/30/2020 to use them! Yay!!

All that to say, I’m looking into using all of 2018 and 2019’s points for an epic summer kick off trip next May. I thought maybe I could aim for a split stay - initial thoughts are 6 nights at BC and 3 nights at Copper Creek Cascade Cabin (!!). My inclination is to book the cabin at the back end since it’ll be the nicer of the two, however my gut says to have BC at the end as our HS studios days will likely need to be aimed toward the end of the trip to secure any type of FP offering (if in place by then) for SWGE.

Do y’all think that matters with regards to which resort I try to put at the front and end of our trip? The ability to walk to EP and, more importantly, HS? It very well could be that I’m overthinking how important that will be.


Do you have Beach Club or Copper Creek points?

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about DVC ownership. We’re going to the World for the first time this Halloween, split staying Boulder Ridge and Boardwalk Villas (1-bedroom) using rented points. I’m thinking that after our amazing trip, I can convince DW to get on board with DVC ownership vs renting. Lock in those future DW vacations!

Anyways, how much research did you do before buying, and where did you find the most useful information?

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I bought direct about 18 months ago and I am planning on adding resale points in the next 8-10 months. MouseOwners and DVCinfo are two websites that helped me.

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Copper Creek

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You would only be able to book Beach Club at 7 months and that will be very, very difficult. I would book Copper Creek for all days and then see what you can change the first part. If anything at 7 months.

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Read as much info as I could on various websites and forums (@PrincipalTinker gave some great recommendations). Also just did a lot of number crunching regarding our tendacies in our two previous vacations. We are deluxe resort people to this point and I really don’t see that changing as our kids get older. We are also a family of 6, which means we will need 2 bedrooms for our family alone from here on out after our youngest turns three next month. We had discussed making a WDW trip an every other year trip anyway and that, coupled with the cost of our on-site accommodations going forward, made DVC a good value for us. It has been a little unnerving to think that we’ll be in our 80s by the time our contract expires!! :flushed:

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Yes, totally appreciate that advice. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to book a 2bedroom yesterday at the BC for October of this year (now only 6 months out plus during F+W) but I know that won’t always be the case with non-home resort requests.

My plan will absolutely be to book everything at CC initially and then try to switch some nights over to BC at 7 months.

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What size villa would you be looking at for BC?

We have had luck getting BCV in the summer, but we were looking for a 1-bed. Generally, studios book first, then 2-beds and then 1-beds. Not including GVs because there are so few of them and I have no clue!

As to your original question, given your criteria for DHS, I would do the cabin first. You definitely want DHS towards the end of your trip.

We would need a 2 bedroom (we have 4 kiddos). I’m glad to hear you had success!

For sure planning HS days toward the end of the trip I just don’t know how concerned I should be regarding walkability to and from HS or if that won’t really matter.

And maybe I’ll just have to take what I can get at BC (if anything) at the 7 month mark!

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Welcome Home! :blush:

Thank you!!

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They recently added a DVC section to the forum, here, so you can check out those posts!

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They did? I must have missed it… :frowning_face:

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Follow up question.

I just posted on a few of the threads, but they don’t show up when I refreshed my forum home page, which is set to ALL categories of WDW.

Any ideas why not? That explains why I never saw a lot of the threads before. But i’m puzzled why they wouldn’t be shown.

I think DVC falls outside of “Walt Disney World.” It’s kind of slow over on that board so I just check there once in a while for new stuff.

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It shows up for me if I go to latest.

I’m hoping to do the same soon as well :slight_smile: where did you rent points from if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve used Davids in the past. I’m debating purchasing DVC for a December 2020 trip vs renting points.

I used the DVC Rental Store instead of David’s because they offer a form of trip insurance that can be bundled with the rental - the “Point Protection Plan”. There is a chance (about 30%) we will have to cancel our trip for health reasons. So that insurance was important to us. We had to pay a bit more compared to David’s though.