New Disneyland Hotel

A new horel opening in Disneyland! Four diamond resort with the Monorail going all the way there.

Huge changes!


Sounds cool, but with the GC already charging $600/night, I don’t even want to guess how much this one will be…


exactly what we need another 600$ a night room. yeah not in my future, too rich for my blood. I also had a friend that said the GC rooms were just basic rooms. It sounds overrated to me. I get the convenience, but there are a lot of nice places to stay really close already.

And super disappointed about losing ESPN and rainforest

My impression is some of those restaurants/stores will eventually come back inside the hotel after its built. Obviously that will be a while and no guarantee that ESPN & Rainforest would return, but I think the shopping/restaurants displaced by the hotel will be replaced with similar inside with a hotel built on top of them basically.

I will say, ESPN was the worst meal by far we had on our trip, although it is a cool sports bar environment…

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$600 is too rich for my blood as well, however 2 years ago we got a great deal at GC and LOVED it! My boys loved not having to share a bed (bunk beds) and we were up graded to a Downtown Disney view and were able to watch the fireworks from our room each night. It was Christmas time and the environment at the hotel was magical! We especially love the fact that when we got off the elevator, we were about 10 steps from CA park. We almost always stay on property (usually at PP), but just recently I stayed at a wonderful hotel off property. I have to say, I have really gotten used to my Disney bubble and despite the hotel being great off site, we will be returning when we can afford a Disney Hotel. I really didn’t enjoy having to enter from the East side. It was far less magical for me. We even had Uber take us to GC to drop us off on one occasion, so we could get the resort feel again. Obviously for me and my family, it isn’t just about the room, it is about the total ambience. When the new hotel opens, I doubt I will be staying there unless they offer a great promotional rate, or maybe I should just start saving now!