New Disney Visa April 2015


There is another Disney Visa offer out that gives new cards a $200 Disney gift card to the new card holder and $50 card to the Referee..that's me. Just reply and I will send you the details.



I would be interested in the Disney Visa offer. I have been meaning to open an account. Sounds like it's a good time.


See pm..ignore that flagged thing. Operator error..


Shameless self interest bump


Again more shameless self interest...


Do you think my husband could open a Disney Visa even though I have one? He is not an authorized user on my account?


Yes, you can each have your own


Send me the code if you would like.


I will send it to you later today!


Bumping bumps


I'm interested!


You should have a PM.. 😁


Im interested in getting the code to sign up.


@Allieann87..check for a PM


Shameless Shane


Everyone look here!! Momma needs Food and Wine $$!


I applied and got the card and spent the $ on it. Hope you got your referral money smile


I did get a refer a friend bonus! Yay for both of us..have fun with your $200 gift card. I 'm using mine at Food and Wine..mostly wine


Is this offer still available? When I check online it only has the $100 statement credit offer. We are traveling in Oct. to Disney and could easily hit the spend requirement. Please email details if still available. Thank you!