New Disney Park Pass Reservation System

So, has anyone tried it yet? I have Platinum AP Voucher that I’m activating at the end of this month. I already had 3 reservations.

With the new system, it appears it will let me book 5 “additional “ …I only tried 2, but it says I have 3 of 5 left, even though I already have 3 pre-existing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Do I try and book more…

They so show up in My Plans, but I only see the new ones to “modify”. I’m happy they finally added a modify option!

In MDE, the logo next to my make changed to the new AP logo.

Also - you get confirmation email now.

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That’s interesting since it seems like that have converted your pass?

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I presume I will end up with an incredipass with PP add on when I activate. (It was Recovery AP I got in April)

…decided to book a 6th reservation, and the system let me. Says I have 2/5 left.

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I’ve seen a few people who have found they can now make 5 park reservations on existing APs, so it does look like that part is working.

That’s the good news.

There are, however, multiple reports of a couple of glitches, inevitably. These are ones I know of:

  1. If you already have an AP and buy a renewal now, you will not be able to book parks beyond the expiry date of your current AP. Looks like you’ll need to wait until the renewal kicks in before being able to make future plans.

Some reports say Disney told them this is a feature, not a glitch.

That could be a major PITA if your AP expires in the middle of a planned trip.

I really cannot believe they would be so crass as to do that. :rage:

  1. Some people have reported buying a new AP, assigning it to a person and found the expiry date is set to one year from today. Again this can’t be right, it’s always been the case that an AP doesn’t start running until you activate it.

In one case the expiry was set to a random date in February 2022 :woman_facepalming:t4: Which actually makes me think this is a glitch.

Apparently the wait time for Passholder Services is now at about 3 hours.

I know it was posted on another thread but AP vouchers are now set to expire 1 year from date of purchase. You can extend them (like tickets) by paying any price increases.

The AP still expire one year from activation/use.


Just made a new pk res w/DH new AP and pages have changed. I like it. There are star days that don’t count against your total APR. don’t see any star dates beyond September and my calendar stops when my AP expires.

This is showing DH block out dates. Which I think is helpful

Once date is selected you are shown eligible parks… more help :kissing_heart:


Also I posted on another thread.

If you have an active AP and a renewal, you choose which AP you are booking park reservations against. So you’ll see something like this:


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Anyone know why this would be working for adult annual pass vouchers but not for a child one? They cost the same amount and have the same benefits, but when I go to look, my husband and myself have the option but my son does not.