New Digital FPs changes touring starting today

Didn’t see this posted elsewhere, so thought I’d let everyone know: Digital Fast Passes are now in effect at DCA. Wasn’t at DL today, so don’t know whether they are there yet.

But with digital FPs, the FP is now on your ticket or annual pass. The paper ticket printed out is now just a reminder. When you return to use your FP, you have to scan your park ticket or annual pass under the “Mickey Ears” reader, similar to those at WDW.

The major downside to this, obviously, is that you can no longer “stack” FPs. In order to get a new FP, you either have to use your FP or the outside time window has to expire. For example, if you FP window is 9:05-10:05, you previously could get a new FP after 9:05. Now that is no longer possible.

Guess it spreads the FPs around, but for those experienced guests, this will put a serious crimp in touring plan strategies, including every plan this site has recommended over the years.

Are you sure that you now have to wait until the outside time window expires? Everything I’ve read says you can still get another one (from the same park) after the window of the first FP starts.

It appears that what a cast member told me is wrong and that you don’t have to wait. So I’m an idiot for believing what Tyler at Soarin told me this morning.

Glad you found out the correct info. My friends are there today and are getting lots of fastpasses.

Haha. Thanks for clarifying. Hopefully Tyler at Soarin gets set straight :slight_smile: