New Diamond Horseshoe Menu?

Supposedly, today is the day for a new a la carte menu to show up at the Diamond Horseshoe in the Magic Kingdom. Can someone post a photo or link to the new menu? We are always looking for new places to dine and the all-you-can-eat options doesn’t interest us but the a la carte does.



I was just looking at a new place to eat in MK. Interested as well.

I just saw it was posted on the WDW website today. It’s all there.

I just looked at the menu listed on the WDW website and it still shows the old old menu. Nothing a la carte?
I will keep searching.

It’s on the Disney Parks blog:


It was there when I looked at it yesterday, I swear! Maybe I should have taken a screenshot, because it’s gone today. Ugh!

The new items can be found in this article, but I’m more interested in prices.


If I remember some of the prices I saw when it was temporarily listed, I saw some $15-$25 in the a la carte section. But I only glanced at it, so I can’t say for certain. I’m really bummed I didn’t take the screenshot to share.

No worries, we’ll find it eventually. I have an ADR setup for the Diamond Horseshoe at this point for our trip in August, but would like to have an idea of what kind of $$ we’re looking at.


It’s good to see that a WDW classic is finally getting some love since the old “Revue” was discontinued. What I find interesting is the fact that they will have beer and wine - this might make it quite a popular spot in the MK. Judging from the menu and the fact that it’s a TS, I would guess entree prices are in the $15-25 range, with “standard” beverage and dessert prices.

When I first saw this headline, I thought it said “Neil Diamond Horseshoe Menu” and was VERY confused.
~that is all~

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