New Design for Crowd Calendar Page - What Do You Want to See?

Definitely prefer the rows!


The heat map was something I liked too!

The ability to view multiple days at a normal sized font was gold though!


I believe one of the goals here (as in, at the TP site, not specifically this thread) was to work on creating a unified/consistent User Experience with the site, which is something that previously was problematic. They’ve gone with a graphic design concept that, for better or worse, will carry through the whole site. Certain color preferences and such are kind of decided (although I suppose they could tweak it…but there was much debate on icons and such in earlier posts).

Anyhow…I’m all for consistency of look…even a look I don’t necessarily prefer…as long as I know how to find what I want to see.

Having said that…I do think your “like a children’s book” comment has a ring of truth to it, now that you say it! :slight_smile:

The difficulty here is that “crowd calendar” is widely used for this idea when it comes to SEO. I mean, there’s a reason why everyone copies the idea of a crowd calendar.


I do like this. (I prefer the bottom option: Track Date is below the date itself.)
But the month at a glance option is growing on me too.

When I first start planning, I think the month view is most beneficial to determine when to go. (It would be nice to have the option to see 2 months at a time. Several of our past trips have crossed over the end of one month and the beginning of the next.)

Would it then be possible to show the row by row format for days which are being tracked. That’s when the park by park details become important to me.

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It’s the current website and app design trends.
Although I like the simplicity of the black and white, the current TP pages do look a little dated which could turn away potential new customers who don’t understand the data is the sexy part they are paying for.


I am your average user. I love the crowd calendar and have used the unofficial guide for our trips and transitioned to TP in about 2018. I also love the data dumps on the blog and all the numbers. With the new calendar when I click on a particular day, I would like to be able to click directly to the next day instead of having to close that day and go back to the calendar to click on the next day. I’m also with everyone that wants easy access to all historical data and how we did yesterday data.

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Thank you all for your feedback. I read every comment and tried to capture each person’s preferences (first) and suggestions (second).


  • Preferences between “new view” and “old view” are about 50/50
  • There is a strong desire to see all the park info on one row (“row-centric”)
  • Likewise a strong desire to keep historical information available, which the “new view” CC does not have
  • In my later post showing a design for a row-centric view of a crowd cal, it was almost unanimous preference for seeing “track date” below the date, and ensuring the text could be scanned left to right for easy reading.

Also, and this is important, @DWJoe posted a screencap of the “Historical Crowds”

Here’s my proposal

  • Redesign the crowd cal page to use the existing row-centric design, and the “new UI” fonts and colors.
  • We use the “Track Date below Calendar Date” option as shown above, which everyone seems to like for row-centric views.
  • As with the current UI, clicking on a park for a given future date will display predictions for that park and that day, with the new UI fonts and colors
  • To remove visual clutter, we move the existing “how we did yesterday” section to the historical page for that day. And the current left nav, which is also a lot to read, is replaced by the same section in the new UI.

Let me know how that sounds, please. Thanks again for help with this.


All sounds good to me! Thanks for considering our feedback. :slight_smile:


I refuse to answer those questions.

Apart from anything else I can’t be bothered doing the exchange rate calculation. Plus I don’t feel I should answer on behalf of DH when he hasn’t agreed to do so. And it makes me feel poor. And it doesn’t benefit me to give out the info. The only reasons I can see that it benefits the person asking is either to target me with ads or to dismiss me as “irrelevant” in some way. It’s like they want to pigeon hole me.


Back to the question in hand.

I admit to not really using the CC info but what I would say is that the #1 aim should be to explain what is meant by crowd level, as well as what it isn’t.

Because that is the biggest misconception amongst Disney fan sites across the internet, and leads to comments like “no one can predict crowd levels, you might as well pick any number between 1 and 10”.


Sounds good - one further suggestion is to splice together historical and future CL’s into a single row centric format with the new colors/fonts. Currently you have to go to 2 separate sections for historical and future data with the dividing line being Feb 15-16 using today as an example.


I second this. I never could figure out why they were separated. This makes much more sense.


Agree 100%.


Love this idea!


That all sounds great. It’s so cool to be a part of the design process!


Where can I get to historical data by the month like that? I’ve always clicked day by day, which is painstaking.

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I totally agree. I like the old one. Its great because It’s Simple. I want the basic info for my whole trip right there without clicking around to other pages. If I want more details I can click to your individual day pages.


It makes me wonder where all my money is going. And I I feel like it puts me in a class I’m definitely not supposed to be in :thinking: