New Design for Crowd Calendar Page - What Do You Want to See?

Agree! This is also how I start to plan the week. I did not like having to click each individual day to see the park breakdown. I ended up writing those details down on paper to make my own week at a glance table to start my planning. Then I found the old view somehow and made a screen shot.

I wonder if TP still sends staff through lines to gather this data? Can they poach some data from other groups? There are so many vloggers doing videos comparing with and without G+ wait times for their YouTube content I feel like you could steal at least a few more historical data points to help :slight_smile:

BTW I am apparently above average!!! Ok, it’s because I’m 50. But I’ll take it!!


During FP days, I don’t know that I ever timed waits because we had endless FPs and rarely waited for attractions. The first time I really remember timing rides was our November 2020 trip and March 2021 trip because there were no FPs so I timed just about every attraction.

Maybe there aren’t many waits submitted because people like us know how to best use the system in place (FP, G+), don’t wait long for rides, and are rarely in the standby line so we don’t feel like timing rides was/is helpful for TP if we were in the FP or G+ line.

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I only time when I use a standby lane based on Touring Plans time. At Epcot last week, we had some time to kill before FEA. Meeting Anna and Elsa was right there. Disney said 45minutes wait, Touring Plans 20minutes, so I jumped in line with my son. 20minutes in and we were taking pictures with Anna. I timed the line just to see if Touring Plans was right.

LL are even faster than FPP were (I think because less people are paying for it) so I would never time.


Crowd vs waiting times is an interesting ones. Cheerleaders were all over this weekend, so it was loud and crowded. However, waiting times never were as bad as I expected them to be. And LL were abundant. I think because those large groups of mostly teenagers are not particularly efficient, won’t spend extra money on G+ and won’t mind waiting a long time for Standby (as a group). It felt busy because they were loud/blocking pathways, but waits were always reasonable.

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This report seems to indicate that a substantial part of the American public - like 30% - have difficulty beyond simple one- and two-step math processes that don’t involve everyday things like money.



Assume we revert the Crowd Calendar to its existing row-by-row format, and just “pretty up” the page to look more like the new version of the site.

The two rows below represent different ways of implementing the “Track Date” function that already exists:

  • In the top version, Track Date is on the right side of the row
  • In the bottom, Track Date is below the date itself

Which option do you prefer? (If you have another idea, pop it in a response below.)



I would love this! I would go with the bottom version with Track Date on the left.


I like the bottom better. I would also recommend trying to align the data in each box so that you can visually scan across to see park hours, etc. It is a little messy with it somewhat randomly positioned.


I agree with what Ryan says! Bottom and align better.


These look great also agree with others that the bottom one is better placement for tracking.


I agree, the bottom is better. That way, anything date related (i.e. tracked or not) is together, not split apart. It then allows more room for text for the other things, especially needed for the “What’s Going On.”


I also like the bottom one better. I would also make it so Hollywood Studios didn’t end up on 2 rows so that all the parks line up, but maybe that’s just me.


This would be awesome! I like the bottom option the best.

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I prefer the bottom version, with Track Date on the left, below the date. More concise.

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I like this very much, the bottom version is the best

Hello! I’m your average user (except I live in the Midwest). We visited a ton between January 2021 and December 2022. After a 1 day visit in April, we don’t have any firm future plans, so I was thinking of not renewing. However, I love the community, how we did, and chat is a nice break from reality during a high stress day, so I was considering renewing…. But then the calendar update came, and the lack of being able to find “how we did” feels like a void. I visited on a turned out to be 3 points higher than predicted. So then I like to look back the next day. So say it was an 8 while predicted to be a 5, I know I never want to visit when it’s already an 8! (Edited: after I wrote this, I decided to try one last time, and now I can see it again. So not sure what happened…Anyway, I think it’s great and it shows transparency and good faith).

You wouldn’t miss my renewal if I decided not to, and new users will never know the difference. I can’t argue with revenue as a business owner myself, so I appreciate you asking, but ultimately you need to do what’s best for your business, right?!

I do believe letting users know a 2 could mean 80 minutes on mine train is really important in setting expectations. That’s great to see!

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Number one thing I’m missing in the new version is easy access to the How We Did Yesterday feature. I used to start my day (trip or no trip) by checking that and then checking Chat. Now to check that info it’s a multi step process: go to historical crowd calendar, click on yesterday’s date, scroll thru each park. Enuf extra work that I only check occasionally. Why should TP care? I’m a pretty big defender of the accuracy of CL predictions on Chat and I can back up my defense with recent data. Thanks for asking. Very few companies I interact with really want much feedback from users. It’s one of the many things that sets you apart.


I appreciate wanting to streamline and update and prettify the look of Touring Plans. If it wouldn’t be too difficult, I suggest you create your streamlined pages but include an option for a link at the top of every page that says something like “expand all data.”

I’m your average subscriber, and many people here, like me, looove the data you provide. So I like the idea of having a condensed view that might hook people with an option to show alllll the nerdy good stuff for those who choose to see it.

I love the humor you and the team write with. Similar to

I think you can reference the data-lovers option to see more!


Either version is fine for me. Having the park name under each column is probably great for new users. Those of us with umpteen trips under our belts know they go in order from left to right according to when the parks were built/opened.
I also agree to line it up so each type of data starts on the same eye level across the box.

Question- are there going to be 10 different colors used to sort of show the heat map of crowd levels? If so, could we see an example with a better mix of numbers? April 20th has 4,5,6 and 7. And August 22 has 2,4,5,6.

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I actually like all the information on the old screen.
It’s clean, black and white, and I can view all the information for multiple days and parks in one view.

I do not like the bubbly jumbo color numbers or all the pictures and colors on the new site. I come here for cleanly presented black and white data , not pictures and colors.

I do not like having to click multiple days and it being the jumbo color numbers, to me it’s like a children’s book.

Love the old way!