New DC Guidebook?

We are going to DC this summer. Any chance that a new book will be released before then? Otherwise I’ll just buy a 2019.

If you goto top right hamburger click destinations then scroll down to washington dc there is a ton of info there. Hotel, dining, musuems in depth. Info thats in the books.


I’d just get the 2019 edition, which came out 12/24/2019. DC books don’t come out yearly, unlike WDW, otherwise it’d be called a 2020 edition! :rofl: I didn’t see any sign of an upcoming future edition on Amazon, whereas the WDW UG does have a spot for the 2024 edition showing it comes out 8/15/23. Of course, @len knows the situation best.


I would save your money. It is outdated information you should be good with info listed in website and searching online


Well, I’d already broke down and bought a pacifier, ahem 2019 book. But I paid about $5 since it was used.

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Oh, sorry. I don’t think it’s going to be updated before your trip. Rats.

Make sure to see the new Disney Parks exhibit at the Smithsonian American History!