New DATES for Christmas Parade taping in MK

So they announced the new dates for taping this year’s Christmas Parade, 11/10-11/13, will this cause you to adjust your crowd calendar for that week? IT just so happens to be the week we will be there! Not thrilled!

I’ve never been there during the taping, but there is a lot of discussion here and in chat. The general consensus is that although MS and the hub are packed, it doesn’t really effect the other lands as far as lines go. Also, MS is not closed all day, so you should have opportunities to see MS later in the day.

Ok i’m new to the forum and trying to find my way around so thanks :slight_smile: The only bummer is we were planning on the MVMCP that Thursday and were hoping to enter the park at 4pm to take advantage of the early entrance and i’m wondering how bad it’ll be getting into the park at 4pm. I heard from a CM friend that the taping crews have to be out of there by 6pm to clear out for the party that night at 7, but entering the park at 4pm could be a challenge! And right now the Main Street entrance to the Railroad is supposed to be closed or that would make for an easy way to bypass Main Street…

Hi @BeJoHowell - we will be there too. A bit anxious as I truly thought taping would be later than the second week in November.

However, we were there in 2008 during a parade taping and it really wasn’t too bad. Disney did a great job of crowd control and bswan26 is right - really only Main Street is affected.

That being said, we may alter our plans for the 10th. We had planned a very full day of touring MK and may scale that back a bit if the crowds are bad.

Good luck!

Thanks @lizzney22 the only day during that time frame we plan on being in MK is for the MVMCP on the 12th. Made FP res from 3-4pm for BTMR and hoped to get in the park and there by 4:15 to use it, then a 4-5pm PPF FP res hoping to squeeze in before our 4:40pm dining res at BOG, not sure that’ll all happen LOL