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Hi, I am new at Cruising and I have a trip booked for April 24, 2017. We are staying in a concierge room. How will I know what time to board? And unlike WDW, you can book 125 in advance not 180 right?? Any other advice would be helpful

I’m brand new to cruising too! From what I understand, when you complete online check in (up to 75 days from arrival) you can select your expected arrival time, and from there they’ll assign you a boarding time.

I’ve been looking at info at and gleaning as much info as I can from other blogs. There definitely isn’t as much out there on DCL as you’d hope there would be!

I’ve gotten quite a lot of cruise information over on the DISboards. They seem to be a very active cruising group.

From what I understand, you’ll get all your information well before you need to board. I think, because you are conceirge, you can book your excursions and cabana (if you want and if available) very early. Not sure if it’s 125 days or 120. 125 may be for Platinum.

Disney cruise blog is a great site. Ask here too!!

Oops sorry didn’t see you posted this site.

I do like to post on this site. I just wish that it was as busy as the WDW TP forum.

@Ariadne when is your trip?

Oops, I answered in the other post. I’m not going until next March.

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