New Cruise Restriction


Nice! Glad I did mine since we’re going on the Disney Wish.

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We are all vaccinated me, DH, and DS12. Cruise date on the Disney Dream is October 11. Wonder what that will mean for my trip.

Will they kick people off?

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I don’t know. I texted my TA. She hasn’t gotten any updated info from Disney yet. The August cruises were changed to double dips to Castaway Cay but that announcement came out the same time as the updated “before you sail” info regarding vaccinations, testing, etc. I’m 52 days away so I’m holding tight.

I have ASMo booked for 10/9 and 10/9 before the cruise and 10/15 at GDT booked for after. If the cruise were to get cancelled or drastically altered where I didn’t want to go (i.e. eliminating Castaway Cay for my trip would be a reason I wouldn’t go) I don’t even know if I could get rooms to stay at Disney for the days we were to be on the ship. We went to Disney 10/30/2020-11/5/2020 and 12/14/19-12/20/19 and have been at least once a year since 2015 so I have no burning desire to go to the parks again right now. Not sure what my contingency plan would be.

I’ll keep everyone posted.


I am sure there are a lot of negotiations happening right now.

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Oh I misunderstood thinking you can only get off the ship if you are vaccinated. So no cruise at all unless Disney decides to make everyone vaccinate that can or stop somewhere else?

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Yes, and they have to stop at a port outside of the US. The issue is they added private islands to this.

Oh! Was Disney not stopping in Nassau?

I mean I actually understand that because the staff on the private island are Bahamian and how can the government not allow them to island hop around. So even going to the private island brings covid to the people of the Bahamas.