New bus pickup time

So I just read (unsure if it is valid) that WDW will start picking up guests up to 4 hours prior to their departure time for Orlando flights. This is due to stronger TSA screening requirements.

I do know last time we left from Orlando - it was an embarrassment for how long the TSA wait lines were - however 4 hours is getting a bit out of hand

When I booked mine about 2 weeks ago they gave me a tentative pickup time that was just over 3 hours before my scheduled departure, so that has apparently not started yet.

From what I am reading it is effective today.

I have seen that it is only through the new year, but given how screwy MCO TSA is, it would not surprise me if it becomes permanent. I honestly usually request an earlier than 3 hours pick up anyway because I hate feeling stressed and rushed.

There were signs at the MCO screening line a couple weeks ago that said your flight had to be within 2 hours for you to get in the line.

If they are going to enforce that, they need to get with the screening system every other airport in the country does and quit adding in their own quirks.

One would think as it is such a hub they would have their act together - one hopes

They tend to make their own rules. Such as requiring e-readers and tablets to be removed when no one else was (including NYC); swabbing every piece of Halloween candy when no one else was; etc. Their TSA is on a major power trip.

I’ve flown a dozen times in the past 3 months and haven’t noticed longer than usual lines anywhere. They do make you put all electronics larger than phones into their own bins now, but that hasn’t seemed to make the lines longer at the front end. It’s causing a bit of a backup in the scanner but they’re still moving people through the people scanners just as quickly, so you wait slightly longer to get your stuff off the belt but it hasn’t been that much longer… maybe 5 minutes at most.

FWIW, I’ve also noticed that the last couple of times I flew through MCO (both in the last 18 months) the lines were actually a little shorter overall than they had been in the past. I waited less than 20 minutes either time. TSA precheck has had a crazy paradoxical effect at many airports, where that line is now longer than the regular line half the time and I rarely ever even use it anymore. That said, if they’re saying it’s in effect through the new year then my guess would be that it’s more to do with increased airport traffic due to holidays than anything the TSA has implemented.

Detroit, New Orleans, LAX, and Midway have all begun this. The first time I had to do it was in August and I’ve had to do it every time, at every airport since the middle of October. They said it started at a few airports this summer and was being rolled out as airport staff got trained, and it should be nationwide “by the holidays”.

I was referring to several years ago when it was not anywhere else.

Funny, It’s been a couple of years since I flew out of MCO but I had no problems with TSA… I and my wife have gotten TSA Pre-check the last three trips and I love it. I believe they are granting more people pre-check to speed up the process and as far as I can tell it is working nicely. The holidays are a different story and you should expect it.

My theory is they are more likely to randomly do it out of MCO because it is so awful usually (I swear half the people in the regular line must have driven down and had some massive car disaster causing them to fly down as they are clueless as to even the things required at all airports) that if you get it and get lucky and breeze through, it is a HUGE selling point to pay for that number so you have it all the time.

I wish I could get pre check!

No love for the aussies there :slightly_frowning_face:

MCO is now suggesting everyone arrive at least 3 hours before your flight. With the drive to the airport 4 hours would be about right.

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we love the aussies!

I’m surprised WDW hasn’t told MCO to get their act together

I meant no love from global entryand one check! Lol

This is a strange one, my local airport in NC does it, but other big ones don’t. IT must be optional or dependent on some other parameter.

We flew out from MCO on Saturday and I had heard about the security delays beforehand, so when we got our DME transportation notice I called and moved it to 30 minutes earlier just to be on the safe side. It took us an hour to get through security, and when we reached the x-ray machine we didn’t have to remove anything from our bags - no electronics, no food, nothing.

I just called to change our flight info for 12/2, and our pickup time is now 4 hours prior. :tired_face:

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